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Automotive Water Pump Bearings: WKN_Series:

In the wake of the motor vehicle's development to the high velocity, high dependability, low energy consumption, its cool water pump is also required to develop to light weight, little volume, high efficiency. The water pump bearing, as a kind of simple double-load bearing, has been accepted by many developed countries because of its more load, good hard, high accuracy, of rotate, simple structure, easy dismounting, better seal and more high anti-heat.
At present, water pump bearing is not only used in cool water pump, but also used in Spinning machine, Engineering machine and so on.

The bearings number as follows:
WIB163073, WIB163083, WIB163090, WIB163093, WIB163094, WIB163096, WIB163098, WIB1630102, WIB1630103, WIB1630105, WIB1630106, WIB1630109, WIB1630110, WIB1630111, WIB1630112, WIB1630112A, WIB1630116B, WIB1630119, WIB1630119A, WIB1630120, WIB1630121, WIB1630121A, WIB1630122D, WIB1630122B, WIB1630123, WIB1630124, WIB1630128, WIB1630128A, WIB1630129, WIB1630135A, WIB1630136A, WIB1630139, WIB1630139A, WIB1630143, WIB1630146, WIB1630146A, WIB1630162, WIB1630122, WIB1630122A, WIB1630132, WIB1630132A, WIB1630133, WIB1630154, WIB1630154A, WIB163093-OS, WIB163098-OS, WIB1630102-OS, WIB1630110-OSWIB1630112-OS, WIB1630112A-OS, WIB1630113-OS, WIB1630116A-OS, WIB1630119-OS, WIB1630119B-OS, WIB1630119A-OS, WIB1630121-OS, WIB1630122-OS, WIB1630122D-OS, WIB1630122B-OS, WIB1630123-OS, WIB1630124-OS, WIB1630128-OS, WIB1630129-OS, WIB1630134-OS, WIB1630136-OS, WIB1630136A-OS, WIB1630138-OS, WIB1630139-OS, WIB1630141-OS, WIB1630141A-OS, WIB1630143A-OS, WIB1630143-OS, WIB1630146-OS, WIB1630150-OS, WIB1630162 OS, WIB1630132-OS, WIB1630133-OS, WIB1630154-OS, WIB163085, WIB163088, WIB163088A, WIB163090, WIB163092, WIB163092A, WIB163093, WIB163099, WIB1630100, WIB1630100A, WIB1630101, WIB1630102A, WIB1630103, WIB1630105C, WIB1630106, WIB1630106A, WIB1630107, WIB1630109, WIB1630115, WIB1630124B, WIB1630102, WIB1630112-OS, WIB1630115B-OS, WIB1630124-OS, WIB1630102-OS, WIB163089A, WIB173691, WIB163091, WIB122692, WIB122694, WIB203696, WIB153098, WIB163098, WIB163098, WIB1226102, WIB1938102, WIB2047111, WIB1938113, WIB1938117A, WIB1938119, WIB1630123, WIB1630128, WIB1938130, WIB3055130, WIB163098, WIB122480, WIB163080, WIB122485, WIB16308WIB122690-OS, WIB122692-OS, WIB122694-OS, WIB1938102-OS, WIB1938113-OS, WIB1938119-OS, WIB1938121-OS, WIB163067, WIB163066, WIB163071, WIB122478, WIB163079, WIB132480, WIB163080, WIB122483, WIB163085, WIB163085A, WIB163085B, WIB163087, WIB163089, WIB163089A, WIB173691, WIB163091, WIB122692,  WIR1630116A, WIR1630117, WIR1630102A, WIR1630132, WIR1630154, WIR16301, 54-OS, WIR16301105A-OS, WIR1630116A-OS, WIR1630116-OS, WIR1630139-OS, WIR1630154-OS, WIR163091, WIR163092, WIR163096, WIR163099, WIR1630101, WIR1630103, WIR1630105, WIR1630106, WIR1630110, WIR1630117, WIR1630122, WIR1630102, WIR1630101-OS, WIR163067, WIR163083, WIR122485, WIR163085, WIR163086, WIR163087A, WIR153087, WIR163087, WIR163088, WIR163090, WIR153090, WIR163091, WIR1530104, WIR1530106, WIR1630108, WIR1530109, WIR1530119, WIR2036122, WIR1530125, WIR2555127, WIR2555127A, WIR2036131, WIR2547136, WIR255157, WIR163076, WIR193891, WIR1938115, WIR1938115A, WIR1938117B, WIR1938120, WIR1938153, WIR1938153A, WIR1938156B, WIR1938158, WIR1938142-OS, WIR1938146-OS, WIR1938151-OS, WIR1938151A-OS, WIR1938158-OS, WIR1938161-OS, WIB163070, WIB163076, WIB163098, WIB1630103, WIB1630106, WIB1630106AWIR1630100, WIR1630112, WIR163079, WIR1630101, WIR2555146, WIB183070, WIB163. Etc.

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